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The screen is the most sensitive part of your iPhone; therefore, it has to be taken care of very well. We will provide you with an affordable screen replacement service if your phone's screen is damaged.

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iPhone Screen Replacement Jacksonville: All You Need to Know

You can find several phone repair services in Jacksonville, but we are the best place to visit if you are looking for a quality and affordable iPhone screen replacement service. We are Jacksonville's leading service provider that offers quick, efficient, and affordable iPhone screen replacement services in the city. Our technicians are certified and experts in fixing a damaged or broken iPhone screen. Aside from fixing your iPhone, we will also educate you on how to take care of your phone properly.

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Common Causes of Screen Damage on iPhone

Several things can cause damage to your iPhone screen. Some of them are:

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1. Dropping your Phone

The most common reason for phone screen damage is dropping the phone. Many people drop their phones accidentally because most often they are carrying too many things in their hands or they are walking and using their phone at the same time. By dropping your phone on a hard surface, it can cause web-like cracks on the screen. Do not ignore these cracks because the tiny little pieces of broken glass can get inside your phone and cause danger to the entire internal circuit, and may lead to permanent damage.

2. Sitting on your Phone

Phones are made to fit in the pocket, and because of that, many people accidentally sit on their phones, which causes screen damage. Iphone's screens are not made to take a person's weight, which leads to several instances of accidental screen damage.

3. Get Stepped On

In some instances, you may drop your phone while walking, and a pedestrian gets stepped on, or a car runs over it, causing your phone screen to be smashed completely. Your broken phone may keep working, but for sure, you cannot use the home screen or any iPhone apps.

4. Broken While Protecting

This may sound weird, but this is possible. Your screen may get cracked while putting on a case to protect it from cracking. You may call our technicians to help you to ensure the case is installed correctly and your screen is protected.

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We are an authorized service provider in Jacksonville, FL, with a highly qualified and experienced team of certified technicians. We perform iPhone screen replacement and other repair services at a very affordable price. Jacksonville iPhone Repair also offers a same-day service for screen replacement to allow you to continue your everyday life without getting bothered by your broken phone screen.

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