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iPhones have become the most popular phone among Americans since it was launched. However, it may not be easy to find a repair service that provides quick and convenient repair and replacement service.

We are Jacksonville's leading mobile phone and iPhone repair service provider. We have helped thousands of people to have their phones repaired at an affordable price.

At Jacksonville iPhone Repair, we provide mobile phone repair in Jacksonville that is convenient and affordable. Whether it is a slow working iPhone or a broken screen, our technicians deal with all types of problems to make your phone function and look like a new device again.

Jacksonville iPhone Repair

Facts About iPhone Screens

Over the years, iPhones have established themselves as the leading smartphone brand in the industry. One of the main selling points is their innovative touch screens that are not just ordinary pieces of glass. iPhone'siPhone's touch screens consist of an Oleo coating that resists oils from human skin and other sources, stress-resistant Gorilla glass, and haptic or 3D touch features, all layered within a retina LED or AMOLED display.


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"Jacksonville iPhone Repair staff was very responsive and accommodating. Luckily, it was just a cracked screen on my phone so swapping them in and out was a breeze for them."

Rox A.

"I was having a problem with getting my iPhone to charge, so I took it to Jacksonville iPhone Repair to get it sorted, and they were more than willing to help, and I was in and out less than an hour. Responsive and efficient, and I will definitely be back!"

Cassandra K.

"I highly recommend this marvelous phone repair shop in Jacksonville to my friends because of their speedy and very affordable services. They can fix your phone within a day, and it is easy to book an appointment with them!"

Rey O.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen in Jacksonville?

If your iPhone has a problem like a screen got cracked or damaged, you will need to get it fixed in the nearest Apple Store but how much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen in Jacksonville? When you avail of your device, you will be given a warranty. On average, screen repairs would cost $220. For a device with a warranty, it would cost you $29 and can increase to $329. But the price may vary depending on the type of your iPhone. Here is some of the list with its price range if this is out of warranty.

  • iPhone X — $279
  • iPhone XR — $199
  • iPhone XS — $279
  • iPhone XS Max — $329
  • iPhone 7 — $149
  • iPhone 7 Plus — $169

Other damages such as a shattered glass back, for an iPhone XR this will cost $549.

How much does it cost to fix a phone screen in Jacksonville?

No matter how careful you are not to break your phone, accidents will still happen. Most of the time, screen damage happens in any type of mobile phone that you used. Check how much does it cost to fix a phone screen screen in Jacksonville?For iPhone screen repair, the cost may start from $29 but can still increase $329. This depends on the unit. For android phones such as Samsung Galaxy phones, this could cost less than $50 to more than $279. Both types of the mobile phone can be repaired to a third-party screen repair.

How much to replace macbook pro battery in Jacksonville?

MacBook Pro is considered to be a good investment. With its great functionality that can help you complete the task smoothly. But there would come to a point that it would need to replace its battery. You can check if you still have a warranty so that it can be changed for free for an out of warranty MacBook, how much to replace MacBook Pro battery in Jacksonville? The replacement can typically range from $129 to $199. The price range may also vary depending on the model year of your MacBook Pro.

How much does it cost to replace a laptop screen in Jacksonville?

If you accidentally dropped your laptop and broke the screen, you would like to know right away how much does it cost to replace a laptop screen in Jacksonville? In replacing the laptop screen, this may cost you around $200 to $600 which would include the parts and labor, this also depends on the type of your laptop brand.

Where can I get my PS4 fixed in Jacksonville?

PS4 is a new trend wherein the comfort of your own home, you can play your favorite games. With the long period of using, there would be times that your console will need fixing and ask where can I get my PS4 fixed in Jacksonville? You may bring your PS4 to a Sony Center Repair, Local Repair Shop, Mail-in Repair Center or do a DIY repair.

How much is the new Samsung phone in Jacksonville?

Samsung phones get innovative and every time they release a new phone everyone would like to know how much is the new Samsung phone in Jacksonville? The company has just released its Samsung Galaxy S20, price starts below $700. Also, they released the Galaxy Z Fold 2 which cost $1,999.